Search Engine Optimization

Before you even decide to go down this road we want to make sure you understand some very important things so we can build a relationship based upon trust and understanding.

First things first, no SEO firm in the world can guarantee results due to the constantly changing nature of the industry.  That being said strive to get you up the rankings as high as possible.

Next we do not provide instant results.  That is a "Black Hat" tactic to trick Google into giving you a better page rank.  Google actively seeks out sites that use these tactics and penalize them severely, resulting in lost rankings that take months to recover.

Next we don't guarantee the #1 spot on Google.  No one can promise this to you and if they do they are going to use "Black Hat" tactics to get you there for a short time.  This sounds like a great promise or selling piece but the fact of the matter is no firm in the world can promise you this spot.  It take time and effort to get it.

Finally we don't offer shady link building services.  We know you need quality inbound links to be highly-ranked, but there is a right and wrong way to get you there.  We only provide white hat, ethical link-building services.  



Keyword research is the foundation of a successful SEO strategy.  A successful SEO strategy depends on targeting the terms that are most popular to your business, nothing else matters in successful organic SEO.

We are willing to bet that you have invested in business cards, letterhead, logo design, website design and a bit of marking.  Why not make sure your website has potential to drive targeted visitors to your website.  Finding out the keywords that are best for your business is very important and is the only way you can make sure you are bringing the right traffic to your website.

We offer a complete target terms report with keywords that you need to know for your website along with competition levels and number of times they are searched broken down for the last three months.  

Our report is usually anywhere from three to five pages and also offers suggestions, tips and critical information on how to use the report.

Cost: $299


A website audit takes time to do it right but it can provide you with valuable data on your website and how you can improve your rankings with Google.  Our audit is not your standard cookie cutter audit.  We take the time to build you an audit that will answer your questions and provide you the information you need.

Our report will cover site architecture analysis  and recommendations, indexing, 404's (page not found), Google PR Distribution, Crawl Statistics for top browsers and other important technical data.  You also get an SEO optimization overview providing critical information about your SEO rankings and keywords.  And finally we will provide you with web design recommendations that will help your rankings.

Cost:  $750


Quality backlinks are the backbone of your SEO strategy.  Without good quality backlinks you will never be able to climb the ranks of Google effectively.  The backlinks we provide are Penguin Friendly that work with the New Algorithm, 100% niche relevant, have a strong domain authority and not part of a private blog network.

We provide 5  backlinks within 30 days by writing articles and submitting them to various sites.  Each article is around 550 words using your keywords and providing useful information with links back to your business.  Depending on the sites your articles are submitted to you can see a result from these articles within 6 to 12 weeks.

Cost: $650


Social media is no longer an option when it comes to SEO and driving traffic to your business.  You don't have to be a master at it but you better have a strong social media plan in place if you want to be successful on line.  Let us help determine the right communities for you and your business and set them up for you.  We will build custom graphics for your main images that represent your business and once we have gotten it all setup we will give it all to you and show you how to use it.

We can help setup a number of different social media communities, including Facebook, Twitter, Google + and many more.  To help you keep track of your social media accounts we will setup a Hootsuite account and show you how to track your social media.

Social Media Package

Create Facebook page for y our business, including:

  • Custom-designed Facebook profile picture and timeline cover image
  • Design and installation of a custom fangate
  • About Page created
  • First Post created 
  • Integration with your Twitter account

Create a Twitter profile for your business, including:

  • A custom-designed Twitter background and profile picture
  • Custom auto-reply that will be sent to any new followers

Create a Google + profile for your business, including:

  • Custom Profile picture and cover image
  • About information
  • First Post created

To make sure you are successful with your social media strategy we also provide a two hour hands on training session for you and your staff to learn what your social sites can do and to explain best practices and how to increase the visibility of your company.


Cost: $1,000